New Sons of Ransom Scarf!

With such a long off-season in NPSL, we need something to get us through and help us cope with our Lansing United withdrawal. We’re excited to unveil our Sons of Ransom scarf design for the 2016 season. We changed things up a bit this year, and we think you’re really going to like it. You’ll notice that the color scheme is quite different. We’ve also added a tribute to our namesake, Ransom E. Olds.

For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Sons of Ransom isn’t just a random name we picked for our supporters group. Ransom E. Olds was the founder of Oldsmobile and one of the people who made modern day Lansing what it is today. Living in Lansing, we’re all Sons of Ransom, and adopting this name was our way of paying tribute to the history of our beloved city.

Without further ado, here’s our newest scarf design:


Scarves are $20. You can buy them by clicking the buy now button or contact us by Facebook/twitter/email for more information. This year’s scarf will be made with lighter weight material, so it won’t be so hot when you want to wear it to a United game next summer.

Just like last year, this is a pre-sale, so once we’ve sold enough scarves we will get them all printed in one batch and then get them delivered.

Buy Now Button

Remember, when you buy a scarf you aren’t just getting a scarf. Every dollar that we earn on scarf sales goes right back into supporting our club. By buying a scarf you’re helping us buy fabric and paint to make tifo and flags, keep our drums in working condition, keep our smoke supply well stocked, provide food for tailgates, etc. We LOVE supporting Lansing United and we’ve poured a lot of our own money into it, which we’re happy to do, but every bit helps. So, help support our efforts AND get yourself a great new Sons of Ransom scarf.

As a reminder, here’s some examples of what your money will go towards:

10411080_10153391460894558_1568195436920433721_nScreenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-55_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-40_1 Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-25_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-46-59_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-14_1tifo1ET

Get buying and tell your friends! These scarves make great Christmas presents too if you’re planning ahead.Buy Now Button


Our City, Our Club

When embarking on a new endeavor, no matter which facet it may be related to, there is always a great sense of uncertainty. The Sons of Ransom was indeed started with that sense. The tweets pictured in yesterday’s post certainly demonstrate that. Where do we start? How do we broadcast? What will our image be? These were all questions we faced.

The world of futbol has the most passionate fans on the planet without a shadow of a doubt. We wanted to tap into that passion in any way we knew how. This was going to be a maiden voyage for both this franchise and our group. Throughout this season Lansing United and the Sons of Ransom have fed off each other in ways that have both helped us grow into what we are right now. Granted this has been a very successful Year One, but now the question goes from “how do we start” to “how can we harness this and forge on?”

SoR founding members at Game #1 vs. Indiana Fire

We may not be as big as DCFC, but sheer numbers aren’t what make a team and its supporters great. It is the passion of the organization to continue to improve and innovate its brand into something that all can embrace. It is up to us to make the Sons the Ransom of group of unbridled passion and support, but at the same time we want to give the fans of all ages something to rally around and be proud to call their own.

The Sons of Ransom’s beginning was anything but easy. The early season scrambling to create a logo that tied us with our city and our club, the late nights creating our tifo to signal that SoR was here to stay, and the money that we spent to create it all everything was nothing short of exhausting.

There is a pride in one’s city, and one’s club that is a driving force behind the birth of loyal following.

There have been many trials and tribulations that have been experienced by the Sons of Ransom to get to where we are now. But, with the help of fans, the unwavering support from the club and the players, this has been possible through sharing articles, these blog posts, pictures, and scores on social media. You have helped the Lansing United and the Sons of Ransom become a visible entity today in the soccer community. You have stood united with us since our inception, and we all stand united for this club.


How You Can Help

A quick note from Eric, Stefan, and Richard:

You may notice we’ve added a “contribute” button on the top right of this page. We’re not going to do some big fundraising campaign, but if you’ve got a few bucks to chip in to help fund the banners, flags, smoke, or other things we bring to show our support for Lansing United, we’d love the help.

SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and owner Jeremy Sampson
SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and owner Jeremy Sampson

Here’s some background: 

Last Friday 1,072 people came out to watch Lansing United, a record number, and one we hope to continue to build on. In addition, the number of fans who joined Sons of Ransom also grew. Beginning at Jimmy’s, marching to the stadium, and singing with us for 90 minutes, our numbers have grown every game, and so has the noise and environment we’re creating.

As our numbers grow, we want to be able to do more with this group. We’ve painted banners and flags, but we want to make more and bigger ones. We’ve set off a smoke, but we want more. We’ve got dreams, and we want to make them happen.

The challenge with dreams is that most of them cost money, especially when it comes to making stuff to display at games. Up to this point, myself (Eric), Stefan, and Richard have been putting our own money towards everything we’ve done.

Every banner we’ve made, including the ones below, we’ve made on our own, paid for out of pocket.

tifo close up



Through selling the Sons of Ransom t-shirts and wristbands we’ve started to raise some money, every penny of which is put into the stuff we make, and towards things like smoke bombs so we can do this:

smoke vs cleveland and this: ZOE_0025_0000030573

But most of what we spend still comes out of our own pockets.

Let me be clear, we are not complaining. We are happy to do this. We don’t support Lan U because anyone makes us. We don’t spend money on banners and flags and smoke because anyone tells us to. We do it because we want to, because we love Lansing United. 

No matter what, we’ll keep going. We’ll keep making banners, singing songs, and doing what we do to show our team how much we love them. That said, we’d love some help. You may notice we’ve added a “contribute” button on the top right. If you want to chip in a few bucks, we’d love that, and we promise, 100% of it goes into supporting our team. The other thing you can do is make your own banners and flags. Check out our Tifo page for a great video on making Two-sticks. You can also volunteer to help paint our next tifo, or contribute an idea. However you can and want to help, we appreciate it.

Thanks so much for all that you all have done to help us show our love for Lansing United. Keep up the good work.