Holiday Gift Packages!

Thinking about Christmas shopping? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to announce two exclusive Sons of Ransom holiday gift packages on sale for a limited time only. These packages are available to order between now and December 9 only.

Each holiday package comes with a Sons of Ransom pint glass and mini soccer ball, and you can choose between an ugly sweater t-shirt or crew-neck sweatshirt.

SoR flyer

Holiday packages can be purchased below. Once you place your order, we’ll be in touch regarding shipping and shirt/sweatshirt size.

Holiday Package 1 – pint glass, mini soccer ball, ugly sweater t-shirt

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Holiday Package 2 – pint glass, mini soccer ball, ugly sweater crew-neck sweatshirt

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Also, if you haven’t had a chance to buy one of the 2016 Sons of Ransom scarves, they’re still available for order on our home page.


New Sons of Ransom Scarf!

With such a long off-season in NPSL, we need something to get us through and help us cope with our Lansing United withdrawal. We’re excited to unveil our Sons of Ransom scarf design for the 2016 season. We changed things up a bit this year, and we think you’re really going to like it. You’ll notice that the color scheme is quite different. We’ve also added a tribute to our namesake, Ransom E. Olds.

For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Sons of Ransom isn’t just a random name we picked for our supporters group. Ransom E. Olds was the founder of Oldsmobile and one of the people who made modern day Lansing what it is today. Living in Lansing, we’re all Sons of Ransom, and adopting this name was our way of paying tribute to the history of our beloved city.

Without further ado, here’s our newest scarf design:


Scarves are $20. You can buy them by clicking the buy now button or contact us by Facebook/twitter/email for more information. This year’s scarf will be made with lighter weight material, so it won’t be so hot when you want to wear it to a United game next summer.

Just like last year, this is a pre-sale, so once we’ve sold enough scarves we will get them all printed in one batch and then get them delivered.

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Remember, when you buy a scarf you aren’t just getting a scarf. Every dollar that we earn on scarf sales goes right back into supporting our club. By buying a scarf you’re helping us buy fabric and paint to make tifo and flags, keep our drums in working condition, keep our smoke supply well stocked, provide food for tailgates, etc. We LOVE supporting Lansing United and we’ve poured a lot of our own money into it, which we’re happy to do, but every bit helps. So, help support our efforts AND get yourself a great new Sons of Ransom scarf.

As a reminder, here’s some examples of what your money will go towards:

10411080_10153391460894558_1568195436920433721_nScreenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-55_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-40_1 Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-25_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-46-59_1Screenshot_2015-09-23-09-47-14_1tifo1ET

Get buying and tell your friends! These scarves make great Christmas presents too if you’re planning ahead.Buy Now Button

US Open Cup: A Taste of History

On May 16th, 1914, Brooklyn Field Club defeated Brooklyn Celtic 2-1 to claim the Dewar Cup as champions of the United States’ first ever National Challenge Tournament. On May 13th, 2015 the City of Lansing will see its first ever entrant into what is now known as the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. Lansing United, Our Boys in Blue, will be taking on their first opponent, Red-White-Blue Adria of Chicago, in the world’s third oldest consecutively held open soccer tournament. This is our chance to get a taste of history.

You may ask why the US Open Cup means so much to us. This is US Soccer’s version of the F.A. Cup. This is US Soccer’s version of March Madness. This tournament is an opportunity for Lansing United, The City of Lansing, and even Sons of Ransom, to measure themselves against the American “Premier” clubs, cities, and supporters groups.

This tournament is a chance to put Lansing on the map. This is a chance to show teams and opposing fans what Lansing is all about. We love our city and we want to support those who represent us on the national stage. Some good results, and lucky draw, could even bring a MLS or NASL club to Lansing.

Another big reason why a cup run is important is the financial stability that could be earned. If Lansing United advances farther than any other amateur club (NPSL, PDL, USASA) , it will earn a $15,000 cash prize, which would be a huge boost for the club’s budget. Should United make a magical title winning run, it would earn $250,000, as well as a berth in the 2016-17 CONCACAF Champions’ League.

The game against RWB Adria is our first competitive game of the 2015 season. This is our first chance to see what a full-strength Lansing United looks like. We still have new players coming in, so this will be a great gauge of how successful United will be this season, which hopefully culminates with a NPSL National Championship.

I offer a simple challenge to ALL who are reading this. See that guy or girl kicking a ball around in the park? Offer to buy their ticket. See someone at the pub in a soccer jersey? Offer to buy them a pint at Jimmy’s before the game. Know a family who has nothing to do Wednesday night? Offer to carpool. Have a sibling or roommate that never leaves the house? Drag them along. Spread the word! Let’s make the most important game in Lansing United history to date the most attended game in Archer Stadium history.


Sing With Us

Last Friday we returned home to Archer Stadium and got to see Lansing United back in action for the first time in eight months (which, by the way, is WAY TOO LONG). It was great to see so many people out to support United and we’re so excited for what the 2015 season has to bring. We taught some new chants on Friday and we used some old ones, and now, we’re making it even easier for EVERYONE to learn our songs.

We’d love to have EVERYONE joining us in song every game. Whether you’re standing with us in the Sons of Ransom section or sitting in the main bleachers we want you to know what we’re singing and join in.

To make it easier for everyone to learn our songs, we’ve started recording them and we’re glad to be able to share these with you. Give them a listen, learn the lyrics and the tunes, then join us next time you’re at a game. Speaking of the next time you’re at a game, the next game is Saturday, May 2 at 7pm against AFC Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is a new team this year, playing in the Great Lakes Premier League, so let’s show them how to do this supporter thing.

Here’s the playlist with some of our new songs and some old ones. Look below the playlist for the lyrics and more information about some of the songs.

In My Merry Oldsmobile

This song is a tribute to our namesake, Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile and one of the fathers of modern day Lansing. We’ll sing it at or around the 88th minute of every Lansing United game.

Come away with me, Lucille
In my merry Oldsmobile
Down the road of life we’ll fly
Automobubbling, you and I
To the church we’ll swiftly steal
Then our wedding bells will peal
You can go as far as you like with me
In my merry Oldsmobile.

Glory To United

Glory to United!
Go, go United!
Glory to United
Here we go!
Hey hey hey hey


If you believe then just stand up on your feet,
And shout it loud LAN U!
Here at the Archer the battle hymn’s begun,
Sing for the white and blue

We Love You

We love you, we love you, we love you,
And where you go we’ll follow, we’ll follow, we’ll follow,
Cause we support United, United, United,
And that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it,

Take Me Home, United Road

Take me home, United road,
To the place that I belong,
To the Archer, to see United,
Take me home, United road.

Come on Lansing Score a Goal

Come on Lansing score a goal,
It’s really really simple,
Put the ball into the next
And watch us all go mental…

So there you have it. A mix of old and new. We’ll be posting more as the pre-season goes on, and we hope next time you hear one of these songs at a game you’ll join in.


Scarves and tryouts!

First of all, we’re doing a second round of Sons of Ransom scarf sales. If you missed out on the first round we ordered, here’s your chance to get the first ever Sons of Ransom scarf for the 2015 Lansing United season. You can pre-order them online through Michigan Shirt Works (where you can also get our new t-shirts and other gear!) by clicking HERE.

Here’s a preview of what the scarves look like:

10391442_857133077663538_2241990973148690911_n SoR scarf design

Second, this coming Saturday, April 4, Lansing United will be having try-outs for the upcoming season. We’re going to be there showing our support and we want you to join us. It’s been 8 months since we’ve seen United play and our first friendly isn’t until the end of April, so why wait? Come join us on Saturday. We’ll have more details on Facebook and Twitter as the week goes on, so check there for more information.

We’re less than a month away from this:

smoke vs cleveland

Shirts!…and more

The season approaches and the pre-season is even closer which means it’s time to start gearing up for another year of Lansing United. Literally, it’s time to gear up, so head over to Michigan Shirt Works and get one of the new Sons of Ransom t-shirts. You can do that by following the link here.

Here’s what the shirts look like:

t-shirt back t-shirt front

Also, we’re planning on doing another order of Sons of Ransom scarves, so if you missed getting one the first time around here’s your second chance. Don’t miss out this time. So, be on the lookout for those in the near future.

Finally, between now and the start of the United season (32 days!) we’re going to be getting together every Sunday evening at Taps 25 in downtown Lansing. Come hang out with your fellow Sons of Ransom, have a good time, drink good beer, and start getting excited for the 2015 season.

Our City. Our Club.

To the First of Many

Pride, Passion, Unity. Every fan that shows up to a Lansing United match agrees to this code.


PRIDE in this team, the pride displayed in every minute in a match, every tweet, every photo.

PASSION for the vision this team has. Showing up to games and cheering and cheering louder when we are behind. Never dampening our spirit with a bad result, a yellow card or a red.

UNITY for our City and our Club. We will have an undying connection to our boys in Blue. That United Blue is something we will carry us no matter where we go. Let the pride in our team show no matter when.

These qualities were in full force when a handful of Sons and fans made the cross-country trek to New Jersey to watch our boys make history. Yes it is fourth tier, no we won’t pack a 50,000 seat arena, and the small town homegrown passion is what is worth the trip.
The drive was long and the roads were winding. But this small group forged a bond that will make a core group to help us grow. There was an overwhelming sense of pride with that group, we were loud and we didn’t stop. We made that trip and we made it sound like a home game.



I have never been part of a more passionate march. The look of shock on the Red Bulls fans was priceless. They’ve never seen anything like it before. Drums were rumbling, the flags were flying, scarves were waving and the chants that filled the air showed the support that our boys deserved.

Our skipper was unfortunately not there with us but the “Rudland’s Army” chorus filled the complex. He helped lead us to where we are so this little SoR tribute was the least we could do.

United players and fans sharing a moment after the semi-final loss.

Even though we came in to this game as the underdogs, “I Believe” was led by every member that donned the United Blue. We believe in our team and what that star on the jersey means. We didn’t get the result we wanted but it can’t, it won’t break our spirit.

Our story began as a first year squad with an untold amount of unknowns. Much like the Sons of Ransom, we didn’t know what we were getting into.

A Great Lakes West Conference Title, and Midwest Regional Title, two national players of the week (and back to back for the first time in NPSL history), Supporter of the Year nomination, and many more awards.

Our Story Began, and in 2015 we have a story to continue.