Who: We are the Sons of Ransom. We started out as 3 guys looking to support our local soccer team, but we are more than that. We are anyone who shows up, stands up, and sings for United. We don’t have official membership.If you support us and our team, you’re part of us.

What: Sons of Ransom is the supporter’s group for Lansing’s NPSL soccer team, Lansing United. We exist to support our team. This means we show up at games, have a good time, sing and chant all game long, and make lots of noise. We support our team NO MATTER WHAT. When they’re playing well, we sing. When they’re playing poorly, we sing. No matter what, we love our team, and we show that love in any way we can.

Where: Lansing United plays home games at East Lansing Soccer Complex, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place we support them. When we can, we make the road trips. When we can’t, we support our boys anyways, from afar.

When: Good question. Check out the Schedule page to find that out.

Why: Because we love our team, we love our city, and we love soccer. We want this team to stick around, and a huge part of a successful soccer organization is having dedicated support. We want to make the environment at games one that inspires our team and strikes fear into the hearts of our opponents. The more noise we make and support we show, the more people will notice. When people notice us and the team, more fans show up, and we can make Sons of Ransom and Lansing United part of the Lansing community.

How: How do we do this? The easy answer is any way you want to. If you want to make a banner, go for it. If you want to make a flag, go for it. If you want to start a new chant, go for it. Seriously, any ideas you all have on how you want to show support for our team, go for it.

The reality is that so far it’s been 3 of us putting our own money towards making this happen. We’re not complaining, we do it because we want to. Thankfully many of you have liked the shirts we made enough that you bought them, and you can be sure that every dollar we earn selling shirts, wristbands, etc. goes directly towards painting more banners, making more flags, fixing drums that we beat so hard we broke.

We love Lansing United, and we want you to love United too. So join us at Jimmy’s Pub before our next game, join us in the stands as we sing, bang drums, and make lots of noise, and join us as we continue to build this into something that lasts.


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