To the First of Many

Pride, Passion, Unity. Every fan that shows up to a Lansing United match agrees to this code.


PRIDE in this team, the pride displayed in every minute in a match, every tweet, every photo.

PASSION for the vision this team has. Showing up to games and cheering and cheering louder when we are behind. Never dampening our spirit with a bad result, a yellow card or a red.

UNITY for our City and our Club. We will have an undying connection to our boys in Blue. That United Blue is something we will carry us no matter where we go. Let the pride in our team show no matter when.

These qualities were in full force when a handful of Sons and fans made the cross-country trek to New Jersey to watch our boys make history. Yes it is fourth tier, no we won’t pack a 50,000 seat arena, and the small town homegrown passion is what is worth the trip.
The drive was long and the roads were winding. But this small group forged a bond that will make a core group to help us grow. There was an overwhelming sense of pride with that group, we were loud and we didn’t stop. We made that trip and we made it sound like a home game.



I have never been part of a more passionate march. The look of shock on the Red Bulls fans was priceless. They’ve never seen anything like it before. Drums were rumbling, the flags were flying, scarves were waving and the chants that filled the air showed the support that our boys deserved.

Our skipper was unfortunately not there with us but the “Rudland’s Army” chorus filled the complex. He helped lead us to where we are so this little SoR tribute was the least we could do.

United players and fans sharing a moment after the semi-final loss.

Even though we came in to this game as the underdogs, “I Believe” was led by every member that donned the United Blue. We believe in our team and what that star on the jersey means. We didn’t get the result we wanted but it can’t, it won’t break our spirit.

Our story began as a first year squad with an untold amount of unknowns. Much like the Sons of Ransom, we didn’t know what we were getting into.

A Great Lakes West Conference Title, and Midwest Regional Title, two national players of the week (and back to back for the first time in NPSL history), Supporter of the Year nomination, and many more awards.

Our Story Began, and in 2015 we have a story to continue.


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