Time for Some Thank Yous


It’s been just over 2 weeks in Lansing United’s season ended with a loss in the National Semi-Finals to the New York Red Bull’s U-23 team. It was heartbreaking to see the season come to an end, but it really was a dream season, something that everyone involved should be proud of.

Thinking back to before the season, it’s incredible how far we’ve come together. I’m not sure any of us could have imagined that this team would be this successful in its first season, both on and off the field. To make the NPSL Semi-Finals was great, but the fact that the team had an average attendance of over 1,000 per game, and the fact that the Sons of Ransom section grew more full with every game are even more impressive, and probably more important for the team moving forward. Success on the field is great and does gain attention and fans, but success off the field is what ensures that the team will be around for future seasons.

Much of United’s success this year must be credited to owner Jeremy Sampson, so to him we’d like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing us a team we could fall in love with. Jeremy’s passion for the team and this community is evident in the effort he puts into making sure that Lansing United is run like a top-level professional soccer team, something not seen in much of NPSL.

Along with Jeremy, countless others contributed so much to United’s success off the field, including the intern team. Every game when we’d show up to hang flags, tifo, banners, etc, there they were before, during, and after the game. Whether getting the field ready, making sure everything was set for a professional game environment, or anything else that needed to be done, this team of interns contributed so much.

Jeremy brings the NPSL Midwest Region trophy to Sons of Ransom
Jeremy brings the NPSL Midwest Region trophy to Sons of Ransom

Our next THANK YOU goes to Head Coach and GM Eric Rudland, who built something special on the field. Coach Rudland put together a hard-working, passionate, and talented team, and got them to buy into his system and play as one on the pitch. Coach Rudland truly made us proud to sing “We’re all part of Rudland’s Army.”

SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and Owner Jeremy Sampson
SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and Owner Jeremy Sampson

Each and every player who stepped on the field for Lansing United this year, whether in a game or in practice, deserves a THANK YOU as well. Our boys battled 90 minutes every single game, playing out the words PRIDE, PASSION, UNITY that came to define this team. Not only were they a joy to watch on the field, they made it fun to support them, and impossible not to love them.

team pic

It’s moments like these that cement the connection between players fan fans.


post game






Last, but certainly not least, each and every one of you who came to a game this year gets a THANK YOU. Whether you stood and sang with the Sons of Ransom or sat and cheered more calmly, you showed up and supported our team.




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