Building Something Special

Who would have thought that in just over 2 months we would go from this:


to this:




Sunday’s game against Detroit City FC was one of the most exciting atmosphere’s I’ve ever been a part of at a sporting event, and I probably only saw half of the actual game. The atmosphere was electric, the passion from both teams players and fans was unbelievable.

Going into this season I could not have imagined that there would be over 2,000 fans at any Lansing United game this year. Nor could I have imagined that the Sons of Ransom would be as big and as loud as we were on Sunday.

I’ve had an absolute blast this season, and I have all of you to thank for that. See, I may be the loud crazy guy with the megaphone, but yelling into a megaphone is no fun if you do it alone. All of you who have joined us in the Sons of Ransom, and even those of you who don’t sit with us, but are singing from your seats, you are such a huge part of what has made this season fun, and I know many of the players share that feeling.


When Gabe Mateo scored the 2nd goal on Sunday and jumped up to celebrate with us, you could see how badly they wanted that result, and how much having such great support means. Moments like that are the moments that bond players and fans.

You as fans have fallen in love with this team as you’ve watched them battle for results each and every game this year. You’ve cheered and supported them all season long no matter the score. They’ve responded with a season that I’m sure nobody predicted. Our first year Lansing United has risen to the top, winning the Great Lakes West.

So thank you. Thank you for your passion, for your support, and for joining us in showing this team that Lansing loves them, now and forever.

Now it’s time to take the next step. Let’s show our team that we can take it to another level. I personally can’t wait for Saturday night. I can’t wait to see Archer Stadium more packed than ever before, louder than ever before.

One of my favorite moments from the DCFC game was when about 1/3 of the non-Sons of Ransom fans were standing and joining in some of the chanting. Saturday night, I want to see EVERYBODY join in.

This is OUR CITY. This is OUR CLUB.

We often use #UnitedWeStand on Facebook and Twitter. Saturday night, I let’s see that statement lived out.


4 thoughts on “Building Something Special

  1. Hey Walcott, you know your ‘oh when le blue’ chant? When the fuck was Lansing settled by the French? Sounds really like the DCFC oh when le rouge chant, where the french ACTUALLY settled. Jesus fuck you guys, make me proud of my god damn city, not ashamed of the G rated piss poor shit you have going. Not one person thought ‘wow, lansing really showed great support’ when DCFC came to Demartin. Everyone on their half was only looking at them fucking wishing they were a part of it.

    Cock michigan fuck.

    • 1) I KNOW a ton of people thought we showed great support, including the Lansing United team, which is really all that matters.
      2) You don’t actually think DCFC invented ANY of the chants they do, do you? That (and almost everything they do) is one that teams all over the word have been doing since long before DCFC or Lan U existed.

      I KNOW a lot of people are proud of this city and this team, and I know it because we hear about it all the time. You want to be ashamed, fine, then stay home.

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