Pride. Passion. Unity.

Okay people, it’s getting down to crunch time and your team needs you. With 5 regular season games remaining, Lansing United is 3 points out of 1st place, with a game in hand on the Indiana Fire. Our 5 remaining games are against FC Buffalo, Cincinnati Saints (who we lost to on the road), Michigan Stars, Indiana Fire (who we’ve tied twice), and that team from the east side (who we lost to). If the team wins every remaining game, there’s a very good chance we finish 1st, and we almost certainly will make the playoffs.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a home game, and I know the boys in blue miss hearing you all make a ruckus for 90 minutes. Remember this?

smoke vs cleveland


Your team needs 90 minutes of that for the next 5 games. Of our last 5 games, 4 are at home, 1 is in Dearborn, but Stars only draw like 50 fans, so we’ll go make that a home game too.

The pressure is on for Lansing United, and that means we all need to step up and bring the loudest, most faithful support we’ve shown yet. We ask the boys on the field to give 100% for 90 minutes every game. We too need to give 100% for 90 minutes in the stands. Any of you who have played sports knows how a passionate crowd can inspire a good performance, or provide that needed burst of energy when you’re tired late in a game.

Last home game we unveiled these banners, which flew above the press box. IMAG0294Pride. Passion. Unity.

Three simple words, with powerful meaning. These are the things we need to show for the remainder of the season. We know the team will play with pride, passion, and unity every game. It’s up to us to continue to show that we also fight with pride, passion, and unity. This is our chance to show what we know to be true: we’re not just fans, we’re part of this team. We’re in this together. Let’s do this!




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