How You Can Help

A quick note from Eric, Stefan, and Richard:

You may notice we’ve added a “contribute” button on the top right of this page. We’re not going to do some big fundraising campaign, but if you’ve got a few bucks to chip in to help fund the banners, flags, smoke, or other things we bring to show our support for Lansing United, we’d love the help.

SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and owner Jeremy Sampson
SoR founders Stefan, Eric, and Richard with Lansing United coach Eric Rudland and owner Jeremy Sampson

Here’s some background: 

Last Friday 1,072 people came out to watch Lansing United, a record number, and one we hope to continue to build on. In addition, the number of fans who joined Sons of Ransom also grew. Beginning at Jimmy’s, marching to the stadium, and singing with us for 90 minutes, our numbers have grown every game, and so has the noise and environment we’re creating.

As our numbers grow, we want to be able to do more with this group. We’ve painted banners and flags, but we want to make more and bigger ones. We’ve set off a smoke, but we want more. We’ve got dreams, and we want to make them happen.

The challenge with dreams is that most of them cost money, especially when it comes to making stuff to display at games. Up to this point, myself (Eric), Stefan, and Richard have been putting our own money towards everything we’ve done.

Every banner we’ve made, including the ones below, we’ve made on our own, paid for out of pocket.

tifo close up



Through selling the Sons of Ransom t-shirts and wristbands we’ve started to raise some money, every penny of which is put into the stuff we make, and towards things like smoke bombs so we can do this:

smoke vs cleveland and this: ZOE_0025_0000030573

But most of what we spend still comes out of our own pockets.

Let me be clear, we are not complaining. We are happy to do this. We don’t support Lan U because anyone makes us. We don’t spend money on banners and flags and smoke because anyone tells us to. We do it because we want to, because we love Lansing United. 

No matter what, we’ll keep going. We’ll keep making banners, singing songs, and doing what we do to show our team how much we love them. That said, we’d love some help. You may notice we’ve added a “contribute” button on the top right. If you want to chip in a few bucks, we’d love that, and we promise, 100% of it goes into supporting our team. The other thing you can do is make your own banners and flags. Check out our Tifo page for a great video on making Two-sticks. You can also volunteer to help paint our next tifo, or contribute an idea. However you can and want to help, we appreciate it.

Thanks so much for all that you all have done to help us show our love for Lansing United. Keep up the good work.



3 thoughts on “How You Can Help

  1. I, as a mother of one of the players, I personally appreciate and THANK YOU ALL for your unwavering and PASSIONATE support. I will happily help fund your shananagins! ♡ Ms. Robinson

  2. BRENDAN MUMBY of Young @Sonsof Ransom wanted you to have have $10 of his savings (for an iPad). He requests that it be used for making signs/banners or repairing the drums, please. He didn’t much care for the smoke at the last game!

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